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The Cosmopolitan Event Logo
Start Date: Jun. 24th, 2024 : 12 AM SLT
End Date: Jul. 6th, 2024
Cosmopolitan is here with more hot designs for the next few Days! The selected designers mingle with some well known names to offer a new set of events exclusiv...
The Gothcore Logo
Start Date: Jun. 24th, 2024 : 6 PM SLT
End Date: Jul. 12th, 2024
Gothcore - Where every shadow has a story to tell. Gothcore celebrates the dark, gothic, and modern goth aesthetics. The many talented designers offer you their...
The The Warehouse Sale Logo
Start Date: Jun. 23rd, 2024 : 10 PM SLT
End Date: Jul. 18th, 2024
At the Warehouse Sale, you will find great deals in a Post Apocalyptic designed space. Many of the talented designers and stores have joined in to bring you a b...
Start Date: Jun. 22nd, 2024 : 12 PM SLT
End Date: Jul. 17th, 2024
ALPHA is a must-visit event for men's in Second Life®. At ALPHA, you find a selection of the best male Designers on the grid – every month!
The Midsummer Enchantment - June 2024 poster
Start Date: Jun. 22nd, 2024 : 1 PM SLT
End Date: Jul. 7th, 2024
Welcome to Midsummer Enchantment, a captivating shopping event in Second Life by Dark Passions Events. Immerse yourself in a fantasy realm, perfect for whimsica...
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