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Official GridAffairs resources for use on your site or inworld.

Brand Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in GridAffairs.
Here are a few things for you to keep in mind when using our assets.

You can:

  • Use our assets to promote GridAffairs in general or as event scout
  • Use our Assets in blog posts and other forms of media about GridAffairs

You can not:

  • Modify our logos or other assets, except for proportional scaling
  • Use our logos as your own identity or for your own branding purpose.
  • Use our assets in a way that might confuse your visitors into thinking your service is owned, affiliated or operated by GridAffairs.
Correct Spelling:
Official Colors

Official Logos & Icons

If you use our Logos on your Website or Inworld you need to link them to

Use with light backgrounds
GridAffairs Logo DarkGridAffairs Logo Dark
Use with dark backgrounds
GridAffairs LogoGridAffairs Logo
GridAffairs 512x512 V05
GridAffairs 512x512 V06
GridAffairs 512x512 V07
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