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July 25, 2022 in |
The KLR Park started originally to support DJ Tony's KLR audio stream with the building of a mock radio station, but then things developed.

What started as a small Radio Station, grew way beyond that, with a favorable land rental from Legendary Estates and help from people who would become Sponsors of the Park.

The gardens were built by, arguably, one of Second Life’s most experienced and talented designers. Owner of Viper Isles, a 5 sim mega venue for the LGBT+ community, Markarius Viper, also displays some of his own art in the gardens at the KLR Park. You can find out more about Viper Isles at ViperIsles.com

Markarius also built the KLR Marina. This is the venue where Virtual Fishing matches take place, with free Jet-ski rides around the scenic Bay of KLR. From here my visitors can reach the Games platform in the sky above the park. TP links are also displayed on a board at the Park landing point.

Finally, the Park also has its own entertainment venue. It’s an outdoor party area with a stage, superior lighting and an audio stream of quality at 320 kbps stereo. This stream carries the KLR radio station output and my live party sets. Hear KLR radio here, or check the Listen page of this website. The Park also features many games for SL members and the KLR Group Members to play. Some for fun and some cash prize games.

The sponsors who helped to develop the Park are Redangel, Fusion Fashion, M&M Initiatives, Borstal House, Romanum, Karuvium, Viper Isles, AVI Crowd, Fused and Dio. Each have contributed to the ethos of the venue, and some have provided practical design work and advice, thus lending their significant experience to the development of the Park.

The park is closed for the moment and moving to a new location - please check back, we will add the new location, as soon as it is set up again.



The KLR Park and audio stream are not associated with Linden Labs. This is a private initiative funded by DJ Tony and contributions from Second Life members.

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