At the .Gacha Guild. Events, the main rule is to enjoy yourself.

The Team creates great events for the various Second Life Role-play Communities.

UBER has been a major contender in the SL events arena since it's conception in 2014. Their success relies solely on the creative partners which participate each month, many have been with Uber from the beginning - which is fun for them and exciting for the shoppers at UBER!

UBER is a three sim complex, the main sim and two cam shopping sims for your convenience. Your shopping experience is top priority to the UBER Team and they work tirelessly to continue to keep it that way.

The UBER staff, is fortunate to be the stewards of this great event! The Team never forgets who they work for and thanks you for making UBER one of the most beloved shopping events on the grid.

Thank you for your Support!

UBER opens on the 25th midnight and closes on the 22nd midnight each month (with the exception of the December 25 - Jan 22 round which will open on the 23rd midnight).


Eventive is a Second Life based company organizing events and fairs.

Since 2010, the organizers contributed to the building of a successful virtual world!

Eventive aims to satisfy both the needs of customers always looking for new, fun ways to explore the grid, and the needs of Second Life artists for exposure and sales.

Eventive is constantly evolving and offering new, improved ways to make your shopping experience pleasant!

Based on years of experience by organizing a multitude of successful and running events like Redeux, 35L Sunday, La vie en pose and many more Titania and Luluts founded SynergyLab.

SynergyLab is dedicated to bring you new and innovative Events to your daily Second Life®.

Bundle of Dove (Former Dazzle Event) is specializing in organizing themed seasonal and special events.

The aim is to present super fun fashion events created only for the Artistic Designer and top creator in Second Life.

The Acadia SL Events Team was formed out of friendship and an appreciation for the creativity and beauty we see shared by the creators in our online world.

The focus of the Acadia SL Events Team is to build a platform with which to showcase the inspired wares of the many creators throughout Second Life and to help inspire creativity and imagination through upcoming events,  while promoting integrity and respect within the SL online community.

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