Kastle & Co Events was established 2009 under the name "Kastle Rock Gridwide Hunts" and then became "Kastle/Electric Hunts" and finally changed to Kastle & Co. Events in 2013 with the the aim to provide and arrange great shopping- and hunt experiences for all Second Life® residents.

The hunts are a fun way to explore established and new shops to discover great prizes.

MMM organizes the famous and unique on the grid "Monthly Midnight Madness" event.

Salt also is active in organizing the monthly "We love ROLEPLAY" Event

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Flair for Events is one of the longest running, successful event companies within Second Life®, who organizes events like: the monthly anyBODY event, Whore Couture Fair, Men Only Monthly and many more!

With a full calendar of events and a wide range of themes there is something for everyone to enjoy and be a part of.

All applications, event infos and Faq's can be found on the dedicated website.

Evil Bunny Productions is passionately organizing hunts and shopping events since 2010.

By making fun events with different themes and environments, Evil Bunny Productions features designers at different stages of their SL journey.

The monthly "TWE12VE" and "The Gacha Life" are complimented by the themed local events like "Jersey Shore" or "Fable" and quirky, original hunts, bringing you directly to the main stores of the participating designers.

Life is too hard to not be able to have a little fun!

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