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Juniper Events is a metaverse event planning company within the virtual world Second Life™.

Although a new company, at Juniper are over 10 years experience in planning small and large events within SL™, including the annual Skin Fair.

The Team at JUNIPER Events
Voshie Paine's Profile Picture
Voshie Paine
Alyriia Ametza's Profile Picture
Alyriia Ametza
Set Up
Chanty Ingalls Profile Picture
Chanty Ingalls
Blogger Manager
Qzxr's Profile Picture
Inworld Marketing
Sinful Rhapsody's Profile Picture
Sinful Rhapsody
Designer Liaison, Photography & Shopping Guide
Tempest Rosca's Profile Picture
Tempest Rosca
Social Media
Wynn Klaar's Profile Picture
Wynn Klaar
Asst. Blogger Manager Admin Assistant
Pixy Snook's Profile Picture
Pixy Snook
Set Up
Running and/or upcoming Events:
The Vault Event July 2023 Logo
Start Date: June 21, 2024 : 12 PM SLT
End Date: July 1, 2024

The Vault is an annual event focused on accessories for your avatar, including footwear and hair with accessories. The Vault showc...

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