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The Warehouse Sale Team

The Warehouse Sale Team can be found in their post apocalyptic themed region.

In a monthly shopping event the designers are encouraged to express their creativity freely, but also to explore the darker themes.

The Team at The Warehouse Sale Team
dooboo's Profile Picture
Dooboo Ichibara
Cerberus Ichibara's Profile Picture
Cerberus Ichibara
Pinkah Breen's Profile Picture
Pinkah Breen
Event Manager
Skye's Profile Picture
Azram Belwraith
Event Manager
verinne's Profile Picture
Verinne Ansar
Blogger Manager
Nugget's Profile Picture
Nugget Ichibara
Promotion Staff
Caro's Profile Picture
Caronwynn Chau
Promotion Staff
Poptart's Profile Picture
Poptart Ichibara
Public Group Moderator
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