Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by joining the gridw wide Luck of the Irish Hunt 6.0 and get your parts of Irish, Green, Shamrocks, Orange, Ireland, Leprechaun's, Pot of Gold.

Hunt Object: Leprechaun Hat
Hunt Prizes: 1 Linden each

At Where's Cupid Hunt 5 it is all about Valentines Day, love, cupid, red, hearts.

Find the Hunt objects at the participating shops in this grid wide hunt.

Hunt Object: Hearts (3 colors)

*Pink Heart ~ Female
*Red Heart ~ Male
*Yellow Heart ~ Unisex

Hunt Prizes: 1 Linden each

Come with a friend or meet new friends as you play in the hunt at CADERU Valentine.

You will need the HUD which will give you the interactive story and you go around finding clues and picking up prizes.

Begin your Valentine with adventures and a great story.

The Friendly Hunt is a Grid Wide Hunt themed the friendship, diversity, sharing, love, brotherhood, equality, freedom.

A selected group of well known  content creators offer in their Stores original hunt items hidden inside the Love cubes Decor (L$ 3).

All Sponsor fees are for the fundraising to IKSDP-Harambee project Gwassi Kenya schools (link in you want: https://iksdpnyandiwa.net/en/)

Love hurts and sometimes it needs a safe word! ♥

The Love Hurts Hunt is a sim-wide adult Valentine’s Day inspired hunt at A Town Called Short Leash.

Hunt items will be hidden in all public areas the sim. Each hunt item is only 10L-25L and each store features at least one exclusive item to the hunt.

Be on the lookout for hearts scattered across the sim- find one and you’ve found your hunt item! Each store’s heart will be color coded for all around ease.

Grab the ATCSL Love Hurts Hunt Hints located at the hunt start (or link below) and get your kinky hunt on

The LOVEmyPlanet Fair & Hunt [February 5th - March 7th 2021] is free-themed and inspired by everything related to respect for the environment and animals, love, ecology, rebirth, colors and freedom.

Numerous designer-exhibitors offer original creations, fashion and Home & Garden products.

Some items for sale go to the IKSDP-Harambee Gwassi Kenya schools fundraiser non-profit association.

You will find many gifts and an amazing hunt with special creations (look for the Red cloth heart for $ 3L).

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