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AFRICA by Milena Carbone @ Nitroglobus Gallery - November 2022

Start Date: 
Oct. 31st 2022
End Date: 
Nov. 30th 2022
Starting at: 1 PM SLT

Africa takes a look at the African continent, both amazed and crude.

Amazed, because Africa is a fertile paradise of biodiversity and beauty and the cradle of humanity, born in the rift, the vagina of the earth.

Crude, because Africa is a continent raped, slaughtered, poisoned, looted with impunity by empires, in cynical disdain of its inhabitants.

Africa is what started it all by the grace of evolution, and will end by the rapacity

Milena Carbone is one of the great names in the SL art world.  Nitroglobus with this impressive exhibition. As with all Milena's exhibition there are not only images on the walls, but stories and messages. .

And is was so: the story of Grace, in seven paintings, an Ethiopian orphan who, at age 33, inherits the home of her father whom she never knew.
As she explores this strange house, she more or less follows the biblical journey from creation to paradise and God's doubt one Sunday night ("Oh my God, I think I've screwed up so damn bad").

In this part, MIlena Carbone clears God of predestination and gives keys to understand that, if he is at the origin of the Creation, he has created the conditions of free will.

Menschdämmerung: The Twilight of Humans is the story of Abel, an African man whom Grace meets in her house.

In six tableaux, he travels through the destruction of the African continent, ends up being the last man in the world and makes his own burial ground in the rainforest.

The story goes through five plagues of man-made collapse of humanity with climate change, including forced migration (The Deluge). Abel's story is inspired both by Cain and Abel and its Girardian interpretation of the enemy brothers, and by the man of the hole, the sole survivor of an Amazonian tribe whose body was recently discovered lying under a carpet of bird feathers.

The opening party @ Nitroglobus is Monday, 31 October 1 PM SLT, starting with a DANCE PERFORMANCE created by Milena, followed by tunes of DJ Fleming and particles by Venus Adored.

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