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ALONE by Mihailsk at Nitroglobus - June 2022

Start Date: 
Jun. 6th 2022
End Date: 
Jul. 2nd 2022
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

There are moments in life when you feel like you are losing everything; the laughter, the joy, in short the color disappears from your life.

You are ALONE, nude, mourning about what you lost. You have to find the strength to stand on your own feet again and find the light in the darkness that surrounds you.

A week alone: me and myself. stripped of thoughts, feelings, clothes.

Absence, falling into the void, tears, sinking into myself. Dangerous balance, escape, mute crying, introversion, denial.

The images I made in the period described above are moments from a sad, lonely week.
Me in black and white.

The exhibition will be in place starting with opening party on 6 June 12 PM SLT
Music by DJ Daddio Dow
Particles by Kurk Mumfuzz

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