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BAROQUED:::Gothical - October 2020

Start Date: 
Oct. 3rd 2020
End Date: 
Oct. 18th 2020
Starting at: 8 AM SLT

Explore the cute fantasy castle where you will discover new Classical & Gothic Lolita Fashion goodies, event exclusives and specials from an impressive list of SL content creators to enhance your SL outfits collections and your home.

The event theme includes Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Prince & Princess Lolita, Japanese Lolita, Chinese Lolita, etc.

Additional to pretty outfits with heavy use of laces and frills, you will also find matching hairs, accessories,  houses, furnitures, poses and more.

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Baroqued Events

Baroqued Events is  focused on organizing asian- and gothic themed events. The Teams efforts help building a bridge from the East...

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