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Bundles with Dove "Halloween Deja Boooooo!" - October 2020

Start Date: 
Oct. 16th 2020
End Date: 
Oct. 31st 2020
Starting at: 12 AM SLT

Is it a total Deja Booooooooooo this Halloween 2020?

Lets find out at BUNDLES .... with Dove - it is a scary HALLOWEEN DEJA BOOOOOOOOO!!!

The designers at the event offer scary items,  Halloween exclusives and beautiful regular outfits too.

You also can pick from tons of Halloween items for your home decorations and landscape!

This Event is brought to you by:
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Bundle of Dove Events

Bundle of Dove (Former Dazzle Event) is specializing in organizing themed seasonal and special events. The aim is to present super...

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