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BURNSTOCK - July 2021

Start Date: 
Jul. 23rd 2021
End Date: 
Jul. 25th 2021

Loving the spirit of the Burning Man Festival? Then you can't miss the BURNSTOCK event, made by the Burn2 Team.

Burnstock is an annual fundraiser where all funds received go toward the purchase of additional sims for the annual "Octoburn" event, which will "echo" the traditional look and feel of Burning Man in Black Rock City.

The playa will have a stage and various fun things to do .

Burn2 for Newcomers to SL

In recognition of the pandemic currently spreading across the world, we welcome displaced Burners looking to connect with other Burners for a uniquely fun participatory experience. While we may in the default world be sitting alone, we can be virtually together.

You will need to create a (FREE) account in Second Life®, download the viewer software (also FREE) to access the virtual world, and make your way to the Burn2 virtual Playa!

For more information, visit this page. We will also have greeters and mentors inworld who can answer questions for you.

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BURN2 is an extension of the Burning Man culture and community into the world of Second Life®. It is an officially sanctioned Burn...

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