Carnival of the Arts 6 December 2019
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Carnival of the Arts 6 - December 2019

Start Date: December 6, 2019 - End Date: December 8, 2019
Starting at : 1 PM SLT

Celebrate the arts in Second Life® and the 6th anniversary of The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community at Carnival of the Arts 6.

This year will feature a new installation, "Eloise's dream" from the newest member of The Dirty Grind family, Bryn-Oh.

The main stage will feature the diverse family of musical performing artists and poets will be sharing a wide variety of original and reimagined works, while many of the community's visual artists are displayed at the Artists’ Row Galleries.

Everything from the décor, landscape and building design is intentionally planned to enhance visitor's experience.  While visiting when live shows are not going, be sure to listen to the commercial-free independent radio station, Radio Grind, featuring the musicians of The Dirty Grind family.

Spend some time strolling through The Hollow and enjoy the whimsically eclectic mix of Adirondack and Steampunk design and style.

Make sure to come back and visit often as the world is always evolving with new artists, architecture and experiences.

Featured visual artist:

Bryn Oh

Artists in Residence Galleries:

Toysoldier Thor, Tallulah Winterwolf, Suzen JueL, Silas Merlin, JudiLynn India, Enola Vaher, Bloo Ansar, Artie Birman

The following Live Performers are participating in Carnival of the Arts:

Naga Flow
CelticMaiden Warrior
Lexus Melodie
Grace McDunnough
Jed Luckless
Jamba Losangeles
Gypsy Dhrua
Wald Schridde
Rosedrop Rust
Shannon Oherlihy
Suzen JueL (juel.resistance)
David Csiszer
Dimivan Ludwig
Senjata Witt
Zorch Boomhauer
Ren Enberg (freestar.tammas)
The Matthew Show (Matthew Perreault)
Effinjay (Jaycatt Nico & Frogg Marlowe)
Twostep Spiritweaver
The Vinnie Show (Acoustic Rhapsody)

See the full schedule at the Website

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