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Christmas Harmony Hunts - Special edition - December 2021

Start Date: 
Dec. 15th 2021
End Date: 
Jan. 1st 2022
Starting at: 1 PM SLT

At this years Christmas Harmony Hunts there will also be a Christmas market at the starting point of the hunt with special offers and many gifts.

All the items of these sales will be from 25 to 50L.

The starting point of the hunt will also be full of gifts !!! More than 20 gifts to say goodbye this year and start a beautiful 2022.

Happy hunting, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ♥

Harmony Hunts is a multi-sim hunt that takes place every month.

Most of the participating  stores put their items at only 10L so you can play and have fun with your friends in this fabulous hunt.

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