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CHRONICLES & LEGENDS Event - Deep Blue Sea - January / February 2022

Start Date: 
Jan. 15th 2022
End Date: 
Feb. 5th 2022
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

THE DEEP BLUE SEA!! Traverse the oceans blue with pirates, mermaids, and sea creatures of lore.

The Deep Blue is filled with magnificent sea creatures, magical sulkies, giant octopuses, submarines, and more! But look out for the beautiful yet dangerous mermaids, the pirate scoundrels, and maybe a Kraken or two!

There will be also an amazing free hunt going on so be sure to join the inworld group to be able to participate and get your hunt trophy at the end.

This CHRONICLES & LEGENDS Event will be in partnership with
Open:Air by Clementine Rosca for some story and poetry time fun as well as a couple of DJ parties!

CHRONICLES & LEGENDS is an incredibly special event that blends the worlds of fantasy and science fiction with the collaboration of designers, artists, bloggers and creators.

Each round showcases various themes and story inspirations to create a one of a kind shopping event that expands beyond the typical modern fashion events in Second Life

CHRONICLES & LEGENDS strives to bring back a bit of fantasy and science fiction that has been absent in SL for some time.

The event also hosts an amazing HUNT along with an art exhibit, and party events.

CHRONICLES & LEGENDS strive to offer an even that is more than shopping but also an experience with music/poetry/storytime sub-events and a Treasure Hunt.

This Event is brought to you by:
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CHRONICLES and LEGENDS Events strives to bring special events that blends the worlds of fantasy and science fiction with the colla...

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