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[CIRCA] Living - Christmas Advent Event - December 2023

Start Date: 
Dec. 1st 2023
End Date: 
Dec. 24th 2023
Starting at: 12 AM SLT

Advent celebration in the [CIRCA] Living Winter Holiday Store, across from landing point (sky level during event).

Join the free group "[CIRCA] Living - Christmas Advents" in-world (click on sign in store or in SL search).

Wear advent group tag to buy the contents of advent wall tree, except L$0 surprises on select days.

Look for the advent tree against the wall, with colored item squares on the calendar days to purchase.

There will be 1 to 4 holiday items per day priced L$1 up to L$85, with special surprise days with an item for L$0.

These include home and garden type designs. Demos will be displayed nearby as the days go on.

Advent days will stay open for a rolling 2-3 days at a time, so people can catch up. ** See info signs, starting Dec. 1st in store for full details.

Note: Some price exceptions may apply.

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