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COLORES PRIMARIOS by Bamboo Barnes - July 2022

Start Date: 
Jul. 4th 2022
End Date: 
Jul. 28th 2022
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

It's been more than a year ago Bamboo had her exhibition 'Tranquil Droplets' @ Nitroglobus main hall, and I am sincerely happy she is back with a totally new and refreshing exhibition 'Colores Primarios' or primary colors.

Sparkling colors Bamboo's trademark with additional 3D works.

In a hot and humid room, blue at the hem of the curtains.
In a windless room, red on the floor.
In closing your eyes and seeing it disappear, yellow.

What color is the ground you cower on?
What color is the sigh your breath makes?
What color is that place where you fall asleep?

What are your basic colors?

It has been more than 10 years since I started my creative activities, but I still don't know what I want to look for. Just like the passage of time. I drift along, drawn by the red shimmer.
Bamboo Barnes

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