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DEMONS OF REASON by Maghda @ Nitroglobus Gallery - June / July 2024

Start Date: 
Jun. 17th 2024
End Date: 
Jul. 27th 2024
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

Maghda returns to Nitroglobus with another impressive exhibition, showcasing superb monochrome black-and-white art with a touch of green.

These pieces tell the story of the nasty demons that can haunt and blur our thoughts.

Walk past the artworks and appreciate the quality of Maghda's images as well as the emotions they evoke.

Event Description by the artist:

The Demons of Reason lurk in the shadows of our thoughts, challenging the clarity of our understanding.
These elusive forces twist logic and distort perceptions, leading us into the labyrinth of irrationality.
They whisper doubts and fears, causing us to question even the most evident truths.
In this eternal struggle, the Demons of Reason remind us of the fragile balance between knowledge and ignorance.

Opening party will be:
Monday, 17th June 12 PM SLT
music by DJ Flossy

Sincere thanks to David Silence for the excellent poster he created, based on a work of Maghda, and to Adwehe for making 3D art that perfectly fits the mood of this exhibition.

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