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DLS - The Darkness Inside 4 Hunt - March / April 2020

Start Date: 
Mar. 25th 2020
End Date: 
Apr. 25th 2020
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

DLS Hunts are ran by categories - Always a Female path - Male path and A special Our Little Secret 25l or more path

The current hunt will have 3 paths - TDIH FEMALE - TDIH MALE AND AN TDIH OLS 25L PATH.

Each containing its own item to look for. - Picture of item to look for will be on blog - Hints and pic previews will also be on blog.

Each path will also have its own HUD that will contain the logo of the stores - store number and slurls -

The HUDS will be located in any sign. Just click the sign!

Beginning store Female and Male: SANNA-SCIENCE and ART

Our Little Secret (OLS) 25L Path - GoodVibes

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