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Enchantment - Royals / Royalty - November / December 2022

Start Date: 
Nov. 12th 2022
End Date: 
Dec. 3rd 2022
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

What do you think about when you hear the word "Royalty"?

Do you think of the modern Queen of England, Prince Harry, Prince William and their mother Princess Diana?

Or maybe the royalty found in fairy tales and classic stories?

Or do you think about royals from ancient history?

This round is all about royalty! Many stories exist that are about royalty. These stories include fantasy, medieval legends, princes and princesses of a far away country, and even modern royal families with the legends they have created!

Think of all the precious wealth, palaces, gowns, servants, gardens, and more with this round. You can focus on modern royal characters, royalty from different parts of the world, fantasy royals (like a princess trapped in a tower!), mythology, ethnic royalty, or ancient historical royals. You are free to use your imagination.

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