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Enchantment - Vikings Sagas & Folklore - February / March 2021

Start Date: 
Feb. 13th 2021
End Date: 
Mar. 7th 2021
Starting at: 12 AM SLT

The Old Norse word saga means ‘story’, ‘tale’ or ‘history’ and normally refers specifically to the epic prose narratives written mainly in Iceland between the 12th and 15th centuries CE, covering the country’s history as well as Scandinavia’s legendary past. These stories delve into the legendary kings, heroes, and ancestors that span from prehistory through the Viking age which includes the discovery and settlement of Iceland.

The theme this round delves into the mythology and history of the Vikings. Anything from the mythological Gods, Goddesses and creatures to the Scandinavian Saga will be waiting for you.

ENCHANTMENT is a one of a kind shopping experience that showcases the incredible abilities of creators, bloggers, photographers & artist within Second Life in collaboration with the wonder of Fairytales.

Each build is created to immerse the visitor in the tale. Enchantment hosts a HUNT, a photo exhibit from the artists of the Lost Unicorn Gallery, a photography contest, performance art from Nouvelles Folies, music and Role Play.

Every three months a Fairytale is chosen to inspire us all. So come and be Enchanted!

Attention: With every round of Enchantment comes a new hunt along side it!

You can find the Hunt Hints here.

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Enchantment was created to showcase the incredible abilities of creators, bloggers, photographers & artist within Second Life...

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