Fall Equinox Music Festival September 2019
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Fall Equinox Music Festival - September 2019

Start Date: September 22, 2019 - End Date: September 28, 2019
Starting at : 6 AM SLT

Fall Equinox Music Festival is all about celebrating music, family, and nature in SL with some of the amazing live performers inworld.

Sure you will find here some of the below listed live performers you already know and love from prevous sessions.

  • Lexi Luan
  • ιรαβєℓℓα (izzy7ven)
  • Melly Faith Byron (melonyrose)
  • Prιɴceѕѕ Corι Σverвlooм (corialote.dougall)
  • Lexus Melodie
  • Vinnie (acoustic.rhapsody)
  • Joe Paravane
  • Holly giles
  • Aaron Cabott Jones / aaroncabottjones
  • SL: Edward Kyomoon, Display: Donn DeVore
  • Nina Brandenburg, Nina Rose Setner
  • Zorch Boomhauer
  • Vampink (vampink.cuddihy)
  • Noma falta
  • Hedy patrucci
  • Bono Fouroux
  • Annette seranade
  • KATIA (katiaportugal.genesis)
  • Dallas Winslet
  • JenniferKeely Resident
  • Maribol Inshan ( contact is bubbachi)
  • Mahogany Soulstar
  • Cryptic Harmony (crypticbabe resident)

See the fully detailed performance schedule on the Website


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