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Fantasy Faire - Meet & Shop at Silevea - April / May 2024

Start Date: 
Apr. 18th 2024
End Date: 
May. 5th 2024
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

In Silevea, the air is heavy with the earthy fragrance of mushrooms and the mystical allure of the enchanted fen, marking the realm of the Sylvan Spore Fae.

These diminutive and elusive beings are the guardians of the mushrooms and the stewards of the water’s edge.

The waters are said to hold ancient magic, whispering secrets of old to those who listen.

Far from ordinary, these fungi display a vivid and varied array, from imposing toadstools with vast, shield-like caps to fragile mushrooms that seem woven from the essence of moonlight and shadows.

Their hues are borrowed from the forest’s own palette—lush greens, earthy browns, and sporadic bursts of surreal, vibrant colors.

Silevea is a Shopping Region & Live at the FaireChylde Party Region

Sponsored by Unity Maxim Battle & Role Play System

Region by Ravenstarr, Cube Republic, and Ica84

Our friends at: Fantasy Faire - Meet & Shop at Silevea - April / May 2024
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