Fantasy Faire 2020
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Fantasy Faire - Shop at Lamented Fens - April / May 2020

Start Date: April 23, 2020 - End Date: May 10, 2020
Starting at : 12 PM SLT

Welcome to the Lamented Fens, a swampland inhabited by mysterious piscine creatures.

Listen to the whispers in the shadows, to the buzz of the dragonflies, and unravel your destined path.

Hear the seductive wail of the siren’s song lures the unwary into the cool grasp of the treacherous fens.

You see movement in the shadows from the corner of your eye. Was it only the fog? Or perhaps the sway of the moss in the soft breeze?

Discover the path through hypnotic swirls of fog, ghostly ambience and mystery at this years Fantasy Faire

Attention: Don't miss to look out for the sim story hunt with 5 different endings, where you can find some great gifts and prizes.

Region created by LRRiven.
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