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Fantasy Faire - Shop at Plankbarrow Harbor - April / May 2024

Start Date: 
Apr. 18th 2024
End Date: 
May. 5th 2024
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

Within the veil of Plankbarrow Harbor, an eternal misty night blankets the floating shanty town.

Legend says, every hundred years the wandering pirate den may find itself close enough to land for non-seafaring thieves and bilge rats to come aboard.

Only to be entered by pirates under a peaceful pact for refuge, merriment and trade, and those of any crest or creed are welcome.

But be warned. Best to Jump ship before the ghostly harbor drifts back into the mists or you’ll be a stowaway for the next hundred years…

Sponsored by ::Static::

Region by Nama Gearz

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