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Fantasy Faire - Shop at Tenpyo - April / May 2022

Start Date: 
Apr. 21st 2022
End Date: 
May. 8th 2022
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

Experience the culture via the silk road at Tenpyo, which is delicately beautiful and full of mysteries.

There were the four divine figures in the ether.

青龍(Azure Dragon) to the east, 白虎(White Tiger) to the west, 朱雀(Vermilion Bird) to the south, 玄武(Black Tortoise) to the north.

The four gods which have various meanings protect each direction and govern the seasons, making the place bring power and prosperity.

Is it really something that exists or is it a mirage.. People are fascinated by the fragile but noble towers in the ether.

Sponsored by GABRIEL

Region design by Takuya Jinn

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