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Fantasy Faire - Shop at Wistlyn Shallows - April / May 2024

Start Date: 
Apr. 18th 2024
End Date: 
May. 5th 2024
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

In a landscape where every blade of grass is a giant’s height, a daisy is a giant’s tower, and even a discarded bolt (where did that come from?) is too heavy for an ordinary human to lift, you are tiny, insignificant, and possibly lost.

As you explore those things overlooked in other realms, discover the hidden world of Fireflies and Minnows, tiny flying pixies and equally tiny aquatic mer creatures.

Something far in the past has divided these two cultures, a rift seemingly impassable. But there are those who seek harmony, a way to heal the past, and a way to create the future.

We invite you to learn their stories and unravel their mysteries in Wistlyn Shallows.

Sponsored by Star Mesh Body, SewnSew, Starlite Realms, M&M

Region by Riven (Lrriven)

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