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Forget ME not This Christmas - December 2023

Start Date: 
Dec. 23rd 2023
End Date: 
Dec. 23rd 2023
Starting at: 1 PM SLT

Winter has come to Forget ME not! Come wander this magical landscape, warm up and get yourself some hot cocoa and treats in the café, and raise your awareness by reading our patient stories in the little gingerbread huts.

You will also find a few posing opportunities for your photos. If you need a mistletoe for an excuse, we have one of those too. 😉

On December 23 we are having "Forget ME not This Christmas" - a Christmas concert to benefit Open Medicine Foundation - leading research of ME/CFS, Long COVID, Fibromyalgia and related chronic conditions.

We hope you would like to join us, support and enjoy! There will also be GIFTS for you under the tree from our generous sponsors.
A warm welcome!

List of Shops Providing gifts under the tree:
KiB Designs
Kim's Kreations

Live singer TAY

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