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Harvest of Souls Event - October 2023

Start Date: 
Oct. 15th 2023
End Date: 
Oct. 28th 2023
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

Come dance and frolic by the flames of the communal pyre, warm your bones with spiced cider. Fill your mind with the aroma of cinnamon, baked confections and delight in all the splendor of great harvest, keeping the cold chill and promises of the future just beyond the thinning veil, for good or ill.

Revelers will find goods and wares from hand-picked vendors within an immersive harvest festival experience, and can travel a winding, whimsical corn maze for free or discounted prizes!

Festivities will include within the first week a wickerman burning ceremony and DJ masked costume party with prizes awarded to the Pumpkin King and Queen of the festival.

Conclusion will occur on October 28th, where the lanterns will be snuffed, and the farmlands will be left to prepare for winter.

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