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Haunted Nawlins Howloween - September / November 2023

Start Date: 
Sep. 30th 2023
End Date: 
Nov. 5th 2023
Starting at: 12 AM SLT

Haunted Nawlins Howloween  is a five-week, sim-wide festival full of excitement!

Celebrate the spooky season in Haunted Nawlins (New Orleans). Trick or treating for ALL ages, not just kids. (Due to mature & spooky content, underage players should have adult supervision). Lots of games, free unisex gifts, tons of food both creepy and Cajun! Explore the French Quarter, dodge the zombies, barrel through the Bayou! Another fantastic Festival in Flox.

"HOWLOWEEN" means Halloween - all things spooky, monstrous, dark, and haunted (not gory). Our celebration is grand, fun, wild... and interspersed with Dark Humor, Magick, and the (un)Dead. This includes Dia de los Muertos!

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