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Intimistic Journey by Nowhere Boy @ Nitroglobus Gallery - May 2023

Start Date: 
May. 8th 2023
End Date: 
May. 31st 2023
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

The 'Intimistic Journey' exhibition is composed of images which Nowhere Boy made during my many travels on Second Life.

For a few months, he has been exploring the mystical and spiritual side of Second Life, which inspired him to choose this title.

An inner and spiritual journey, almost meditative. It is with this state of mind that he made his recent work.

On the walls of the main hall of Nitroglobus you will find a selection of these works, which were never shown before.

Nowhere Boy definitely has a style of his own, which attracts me and made me decide to invite him to create an exhibition especially made for Nitroglobus.

The images shown are made at various places in SL, BUT they all bare the un-mistaken signature of Nowhere B.

Walk around and enjoy the meditative mood of the works, let them distract you from every day (SL) life.

Opening party will be:
Monday, 8 May, 12 PM SLT
Hippie music will be tuned by DJ Joss Floss
Particles by Kurk Mumfuzz

DRESS CODE: PLEASE PLEASE do come dressed in hippie style.

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