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Start Date: 
Dec. 1st 2022
End Date: 
Dec. 24th 2022
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

Surprise--~LANTIAN/FLOX~ is doing an Advent Calendar. No... even better, an Advent-ure Calendar!

* Grab a "Creepy Cryssy" HUD at the arrival building
- 2 versions available: FREE or Deluxe
- The Deluxe gives you twice the points - means faster access to Premium Prizes!

* There are 24 small prizes - new one revealed each day!
- You get small prizes by clicking Advent Calendar on ground, under tree.
- To find Advent Calendar: exit arrival building, turn left, and go toward huge, black Christmas tree on hill.
-> Careful! The Krampus is roaming around, and may try to whomp you.

* Small prizes are yours no matter what. However, you can also get great Premium Prizes by collecting POINTS!

* How do you get POINTS? By wearing your Creepy Cryssy HUD. There are several ways:
- Every day you click the Advent Calendar, you get some.
- You can get more by interacting with Krampus and other characters.
- Play games of chance at the Festival - you can gain or lose points!
- More ways may be revealed as December goes on.

* And don't worry... if you miss a small prize, it will be around, for little or no lindens!

Our friends at: ~LANTIAN/FLOX~ ADVENT-URE CALENDAR - December 2022
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