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- LEIGH - Summer Glam Hunt - July 2021

Start Date: 
Jul. 1st 2021
End Date: 
Jul. 31st 2021
Starting at: 12 AM SLT

Find all of the 12 pink seashells hidden around the store and tropical paradise at LEIGH Summer Glam Hunt!

Collect your prizes and assemble some gorgeous outfits perfect for summer!

Hunt prizes form several fully coordinating outfits, including bikinis, wraps, dress, sandals, jewelry, sunglasses and more!

Find all 12 pink seashells (for only 10L each, plus one of them is completely FREE!) inside and outside at the tropical paradise while you hunt!

Info and hunt hints are available by touching the large hunt poster in the store.

Our friends at: - LEIGH - Summer Glam Hunt - July 2021
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