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Midsummer Enchantment - June / July 2024

Start Date: 
Jun. 22nd 2024
End Date: 
Jul. 7th 2024
Starting at: 1 PM SLT

Welcome to Midsummer Enchantment, a captivating shopping event in Second Life by Dark Passions Events.

Immerse yourself in a fantasy realm, perfect for whimsical masquerades or magical weddings in the dark forest.

Featuring designers specializing in fairyland fantasy, goth, witchcraft, and magic, this event promises to enchant and inspire.

Don't miss the hidden potion bottles, each priced at 10L$ to 25L$, containing exciting prizes. Join us and experience the magic!

This Event is brought to you by:
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DARK PASSIONS EVENTS Mission is to organize goth and alternative events supporting dark style designers With a desire to create a...

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