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Mieville Mardi Gras Event - February 2021

Start Date: 
Feb. 12th 2021
End Date: 
Jan. 17th 2021
Starting at: 6 AM SLT

The Mieville mini-Mardi Gras market will include shopping GACHAS, music, dancing, food and drink, and just plain FUN!

Join in for the weekly Block Party (Friday, 12 Feb. 2021, 6 -7:30 PM SLT) for MARDI GRAS where DJ Silver Aster will be spinning the tunes,

and for Mieville's weekly Social Night (Wed, 17 February 2021, 6 - 7:30 PM) with Zydeco music from DJ Ktahdn Vesuvino.

Show off a costume (in keeping with our moderated rated sims) and/or mask if you like. Everyone is welcome!

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