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MIIX EVENT - February / March 2021

Start Date: 
Feb. 28th 2021
End Date: 
Mar. 20th 2021
Starting at: 6 AM SLT

At MIIX Event a  great selection of well known talented designers and shops mingle with new and upcoming talents who offer you great exclusive and special offers.

Find new inspirations from fashion to avatar enhancements to home and garden items to enhance your Second Life®

Attention: There will also be a hunt with many great prizes waiting for you.

The Hunt starts on March 10th and lasts until the end of the current MIIX round.

Search for the Ice Cream Cones hidden at the event location to claim your prizes.

The MIIX Hunt Item 2021 Picture

To claim the prizes you need to be member of the free MIIX event group - just click the hunt item and follow the instructions.

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