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ND/MD Photo Contest - December 2022

Start Date: 
Dec. 3rd 2022
End Date: 
Dec. 26th 2022
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

ND/MD has a big winter Photo Contest where everyone can join in with a chance to win great prizes.

1st PRIZE:
5000L CASH prize!

2nd PRIZE:

3rd PRIZE:

HOW to enter?
1) You need to have a Flickr account
(if you don't have one, just go to and sign up - it's easy)
join the ND/MD Flickr group:

2) Take a beautiful picture of yourself wearing any ND/MD SKIN
post your picture on Flickr - name it:
your name - ND/MD winter photo
and post it to our ND/MD group

That's it 🙂

How are the winners chosen?

The team will each choose a favourite picture (not necessarily the BEST picture - just the one we like the most, maybe because it's funny, or shows lots of love, or we see the effort it took making it) then the 1. 2. and 3. Prize will be chosen by draw!

Our friends at: ND/MD Photo Contest - December 2022
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