Noir'wen Village Opening August 2019
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Noir'Wen Village Opening - August 2019

Start Date: August 1, 2019 - End Date: August 31, 2019
Starting at : 12 AM SLT

Check the launching campaign of the Noir'Wen Village, a fetish fair with promotional events like hunts, raffles, party, prices and promotions..

Attention: Great opening Party 8th of August 1pm SLT with DJ Belice Benoir

The launching month of a new and unique fetish village regrouping amazing creators, designers and artists with more than 40 stores and galleries offering a complete kinky selection of clothes and fashion, shoes, jewelry, pleasure devices, adult furnitures, artwork...,

There are also entertainments with bars, the backdrop club, kinky tarot, travel agency, real estate, gatcha... as well as a church for our elevation...

and many more special events

The special launching events will end at the 31st August, but the Noir'Wen Village will remain permanently opened and animated


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