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SANS TITRE by JadeYu Fhang @ Nitroglobus - April 2023

Start Date: 
Apr. 10th 2023
End Date: 
May. 3rd 2023
Starting at: 12 PM SLT


The intention of this exhibition is not to impose any invasive and/or blocking ideas but give the visitor a look, a feeling. This work is like a vibration, a desire to touch sensitivities, to initiate thoughts and feelings in each visitor and, perhaps, to get some response.

However, I was asked to explain in words an internal magma, which is so difficult to partition into verbal language. Let's call it a matter of violence inside bodies, facial expressions (3D) leading to the intention of erasing the other person, as suggested in the images (2D).

The papers around the women?

These papers indicate words, insults and other ignominy which are thrown in women's faces throughout their lives. Words loaded with hatred and violence "the killing words". Nothing is written on the papers... it's up to you to imagine what could be there.

Why women?

They are like the symbol, the mirror of those who through a brutality, a destructive will seek to destroy. To destroy everything that in no way corresponds to fluidity and natural roundness. Flexibility and openness is not the order of the day, the preference is for the square shape, and it must be respected, locking up any will to exist outside the frame.

"This work is an observation from the marks of my own journey. I have no lesson to give to anyone." JadeYu Fhang

The opening party @ Nitroglobus is Monday 10 April, 12 PM SLT (is 21 hrs Paris time)

Music by JadeYu Fhang herself

Poster made by David Silence, based on image of JadeYu

JadeYu Fhang is a RL and SL artist from Paris/France. Her works are admired since ages and also some of her sculptures have been previously exhibited  many times to embellish the images of others artists on the walls of the Nitroglobus gallery.

However, this time the gallery is all hers.

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