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Scoop'n'Score - SLS 3rd Anniversary - May 2021

Start Date: 
May. 1st 2021
End Date: 
May. 31st 2021
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

With Scoop'n'Score Second Life Syndicate celebrates it's 3rd anniversary and waits for you with a:

Sewer Hunt – Yes a hunt in the sewer, a sim size sewer at that.

Time to get your waders on and get dirty as you go on a hunt for prize poo. Yes, poo. Do not worry, it is cute poo, we promise. No really, it is cute.

Street Sale – There will be stores set up in the streets at our in world headquarters. You will find items 30% off or more at each booth.

Giveaways & more! Since there is an entire month to celebrate, there is bound to be giveaways, parties, and probably more, knowing us.

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