Second Pride 2019
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Second Pride Summer Festival - June 2020

Start Date: June 5, 2020 - End Date: June 14, 2020
Starting at : 7 PM SLT

The festival will kick off at 7pm Friday June 5th, with 9 days of events,

The Second Pride Team is looking forward to seeing all of you at this years celebration!

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Some more Events running today:
Flourish Sales Studio - November / December 2020

Start Date: Nov-23-2020

End Date: Dec-15-2020

Happy Fall Charity Fair & Hunt - September / November 2020

Start Date: Sep-21-2020

End Date: Nov-30-2020

Beauty Sales Event - November / December 2020

Start Date: Nov-21-2020

End Date: Dec-11-2020

Manly Arena Event - November / December 2020

Start Date: Nov-10-2020

End Date: Dec-03-2020

Collabor88 - November 2020

Start Date: Nov-08-2020

End Date: Dec-06-2020

Pretty Event - November 2020

Start Date: Nov-07-2020

End Date: Nov-30-2020

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