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SILENT SHORES by Melusina Parkin @ Nitroglobus Gallery - November / December 2023

Start Date: 
Nov. 13th 2023
End Date: 
Dec. 3rd 2023
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

Melusina Parkin is back @ Nitroglobus main hall with one of her favorite subjects: minimal landscapes.

Silence isn't only a matter of hearing: it can be depicted by an image. Lonely landscapes, fuzzy or faint images suggest lack of noises and/or voices.

Silence is absence, absence is peaceful but can be also sad. I shot and collected dozens of images of solitary landscapes which show silences, many of them are shown in an exhibition now open at Melusina Parkin's own gallery "Minimum".

Special thanks to Adwehe, who helped with 'dressing' the gallery. Adwehe created cool light columns and more. Together with the umbrella and sun loungers it adds to the overall experience.

Opening party will be:
Monday, 13 November 12 PM SLT
music by DJ Ferdy

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