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Silk Road XIV: Pax Mongolia - June 2023

Start Date: 
Jun. 1st 2023
End Date: 
Jun. 30th 2023
Starting at: 12 AM SLT

Spanning multiple regions, Mieville's Silk Road XIV: Pax Mongolia and the Royal Highway, takes hunters back in time down the Royal Highway from Mongolia to Europe.

Gather gifts throughout the grid-wide hunt, and explore a variety of shops in the Mongolian and European themed event spaces.

Everyone is invited to join the Mieville Historical Hunts group (also free) for event info, and to join the social events and the fun!

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Historical Hunts (HH) and Events

Historical Hunts are an annual series of 3 grid-wide hunts (STEAM, Silk Road, and Renaissance Faire) with accompanying themed sim-...

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