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Sole Fragments by Maghda @ Nitroglobus Gallery - February 2023

Start Date: 
Jan. 31st 2023
End Date: 
Feb. 28th 2023
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

“Sole Fragments by Maghda: A Personal Photography Exhibition” is a personal and introspective display of my journey through Second Life captured through the lens of photography.

The exhibition features a collection of photographs that depict the various stages of the journey of the soul, from its highs and lows, to its triumphs and struggles.

The photographs capture candid moments of self-reflection, raw emotions, and intimate moments of growth, through the medium of photography as a means of self-exploration, and self-expression.

The exhibition is a window into Maghda's s soul, allowing the viewer to connect with the emotions and experiences depicted in the photographs on a deeper level.

The opening party @ Nitroglobus is Tuesday, 31 January 12 PM SLT
Music by Daddio Dow and particles by Venus Adored.

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