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SunFEST: LIVE on the Beach! - August 2023

Start Date: 
Aug. 12th 2023
End Date: 
Aug. 12th 2023
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

UF Starfleet presents ‘summer fun’ a la the ‘Beach Boys’ and ‘Grease’ the musical!

Slick back your hair and join us as we time travel back to high school in the Terran 1950s!

SunFEST features terrific DJs, talented live performers, and a Coney Island style fair, all at UFS’s base in Second Life, Pinastri Headquarters.

Sat Aug 12th, LIVE ‘On the Beach!’ presents:

noon SLT, the fabulous ‘Trav McCullough.’

at 1pm: the eclectic ‘Gardo Sky’.

at 2pm, the effervescent DJ ‘Twist Firebeard’.

Rounding out the day, the amazing ‘Bubbles’ at 3pm.

Meantime check out the colorful ‘Coney Island’ style fair with rides, games and boats to sail on the river!

United Federation Starfleet is a lively, active group of Trek fans and science fiction geeks who come together in a spirit of community and fellowship to talk Trek, hang out, play games, and/or roleplay in Second Life. Several members band together to put on this ‘summer fun’ Festival for the enjoyment of anyone on the grid. And it’s free to attend!

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