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Survivors of Suicide - World Suicide Prevention Event - September 2021

Start Date: 
Sep. 1st 2021
End Date: 
Sep. 30th 2021
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

Survivors of Suicide - World Suicide Prevention Event would like to break the stigma of suicide and help raise awareness of Mental Health as a whole.

Throughout the month of September there are the following Sim-Wide activities waiting for you:

✧ SOS HUNT - Come along and explore our sim by searching out objects and prizes (1st - 30th September)

✧ SIM CYCLE - Grab yourself a bike from our Rezzer at the front of the sim and pedal our circuit for World Suicide Prevention Day. Will you compete for a spot at the top of our leader board for number of laps? (10th September)

✧ CAMPING / SLEEP-OVER - Come along and show your support at our very own SOS Camping / Sleep-Over Weekend located at our camping area. Get comfy around the campfire, eat smores and tell stories. (11th September @ 12pm SLT)

SOS would love for you to join in marking this event and get involved with their activities!

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