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The 4th Annual SL Renaissance Festival - September / October 2023

Start Date: 
Sep. 22nd 2023
End Date: 
Oct. 1st 2023
Starting at: 6 AM SLT

The SL Renaissance Festival is an annual celebration of life ACS Making Strides fundraiser featuring all things Renaissance, Medieval, and Historical.

Travel back in time and attend fierce jousts, melee, and archery competitions, shop amazing merchant creations, listen to live music, and role play in our traveler's camp.

There will be visiting Royals (caregivers and survivors) honored during the festival, role play experiences and tournaments to join in, and so much more!

Celebrate the lives of those you love in our Celebration of Life Garden.

Challenge a Linden in a joust and watch them taunt each other while locked in pillories (lob a piece of rotten fruit or veg at them just to keep things spicy!).

All are invited to the Grand Gala Ball on the last day  of ACS Making Strides events!

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