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The 8th Annual Spookzilla Hunt & Costume Party - October 2020

Start Date: 
Oct. 23rd 2020
End Date: 
Oct. 31st 2020
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

Spookzilla 2020 is slowly creeping up the shore, turning into one of the largest Halloween trick o treat hunts in SL by a selcted group of over 120 quality designers.

Each of them offering 3-10 prizes for 25L or less, hidden all over the region!

Goodie bag stations are all over, daily raffles for gifts cards, Mini Game "Find Sid" and soo much more!!!

Attention: this is not an easy grab and go hunt and is advertised as difficult/hard.

The hunt is held in a central location. This is NOT a store to store hunt.

Prizes are priced 25L or less. Also look out for the decoys at 0L which can contain a gift.

You are also invited to attend the:

The 8th Annual Spookzilla Costume Party

October 30th at 6pm slt - ??

Live in the swamp with Toxxic Rhiannyr, Lichi Moonwall, Recka Diabolito & Honeybear Littlepaws will be throwing speakers off the stage!

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