Big Seasonal Sale 2019
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The Big Autumn Sale - November 2019

Start Date: November 3, 2019 - End Date: November 10, 2019
Starting at : 12 AM SLT

30+ stores with discounts on all/most items in their main store, ranging from 25-75% off.

You might find great deals on items you ever wanted.

Simply click on the stores listed below and click on inworld shop to get the location.

If some links are outdated - please contact the corresponding shop owner to send us the actual LM!

Some more Events running today:
Flora Event - October / November 2020

Start Date: Oct-22-2020

End Date: Nov-17-2020

FaMESHed X - October / November 2020

Start Date: Oct-10-2020

End Date: Nov-06-2020

The Horse Show Sales Event - October / November 2020

Start Date: Oct-24-2020

End Date: Nov-24-2020

Shiny Shabby - October 2020

Start Date: Oct-20-2020

End Date: Nov-15-2020

The 8th Annual Spookzilla Hunt & Costume Party - October 2020

Start Date: Oct-23-2020

End Date: Oct-31-2020

The Dark Style Fair - October 2020

Start Date: Oct-09-2020

End Date: Oct-30-2020

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